Wu Tongs

Wu Tongs are pair of kitchen tongs that is designed for use on non-stick kitchenware; they are also ideal for table use, with salads, bread and the like. They are laminated wooden tongs, which are available in a variety of wood species. There is a pair in development that is specifically designed for fish.

Wu Tong Sticks

This product is aimed at those of us who struggle with chopsticks and Asian eating customs, giving them that little bit of help with the technique. They are basically a thin pair of Wu Tongs that can be made from any wood.

The first time my Dad used them, he was very happy with being able to join in with the rest of the family for noodles. They are also suitable for young children, getting them used to the idea of chopsticks and other eating customs (they’ve already mastered Ethiopian eating customs at this point).

Chop Stick Training; always teach the Wu Tong.
They are not a toy.
As used by Seamus O Connell at he the Ivory Tower Restaurant in Cork, Ireland.
Watch Seamus in action. 

Both Projects are ocp

Designed by Martin Horgan   2013
Produced by Craftek

Image Credits; Christian Haubold

The legend of the Wu Tong

While working on the kitchen tongs over a period of months I struggled to come up with a name. Then one day while sanding some it hit me as I looked down and saw the UU U. From this I started to think of how the Wu-Tang Clan got their name from old Kung Fu movies (the Wu Tang sword style). It was also at this time that I stumbled across the chopsticks, a happy accident when I kept sanding down a pair of Wu Tongs and the Wu Tong Sticks were born. It all seemed to come together and the Wu Tong Style developed into a new form of chopstick training.