Shadows cross our path everyday, going mostly unnoticed. What if one of them were from another place or time?     Hyper-lamp is a 3D silhouette of a 4D tesseract. A tesseract (or hypercube) is a 4th dimensional cube with equal sides – projected here into our space.
Water hyacinth is an invasive species that has had a devastating effect on the natural environment and, in turn, has had an adverse effect on many of the communities around Lake Victoria in Kenya.
This project binds 4D mathematics with water hyacinth rope – theoretical physics with ancient craft. This object was designed to encourage vision beyond the flickering images we perceive, into the predictable unknowns we must consider.


Designed by Martin Horgan   2014
Produced by Martin Horgan
Metalwork by Robin Dalqvist
Math Consultant Jeff Doering

Materials; Steel and Water Hyacinth                          Rope

Image Credits; Martin Gustavsson

Link to 2d geometry images

Shown at;

Stockholm Furniture Fair, Sweden. 2014
Swedish Presence, Milan, Italy. 2014