Fire Watcher.

Many of us come home and sit in front of the TV for hours being told what to buy and think. In my opinion it is time for this to change. My concept encourages you to sit back, putting your feet up by the fire as our ancestors once did. We seem to have forgotten the simplicity of this ritual. To converse and contemplate alone or with loved ones is what is truly important. Fire is mesmerizing to watch, the beauty of the continuously changing flames inspiring us to think for ourselves.

Fire Watcher is the result of my exam question, How can we learn from what we have forgotten? What I chose to bring back into our lives was fire and sitting around it talking. The fire was presented in the middle of a low table, and this is the high backed armchair, were it’s all about sitting back with your feet up. The chair is all about the old traditions, from the materials, wood and leather, to the techniques, hand worked slung leather and wedged through round tenoned ash. There are plates at the front of the armrests for you beverage. I look forward to the day the leather has the human imprint in it.

Designed by Martin Horgan   2009
Produced by Martin Horgan
Leatherwork by Ylva Torsion
Metalwork by Jon Bäld

Materials; Ash, Ox Hide, Copper

Image Credits; Karin Granstrand

Shown at;

Steneby Konsthall, Sweden. 2009
Stadsbiblioteket i  Göteberg, Sweden. 2009
CODE, Copenhagen, Denmark. 2009
TENT, London, U.K. 2009